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Glenn Michael Gabriel
Legitimate Home Based Business Internet Style

I am a younger baby boomer (born in 1960), and the son of a World War 2 Veteran - Purple Heart Recipient and the Greatest Mom, a Retired RN. And my Brother and his Wife have 7 children. I am single and look forward to the right woman when we find each other...

I want to help as many people as possible to experience real success and freedom with a real and legitimate internet business opportunity with my internet business.

I graduated Dover Business School with a 4.0 in 2000 for Internet Technology.

I have been Passionately studying, researching and pursuing the best possible options for real work at home freedom, that comes from legitimate internet businesses since 2004.

I am building a work from home online business - home internet business with the power of "SBI" - Site Build It!

I personally think that SBI is the best internet business opportunity for any one who wants to start an internet business at home, and have the best possible chance for solid, long term success and freedom!

...SBI! is the best way to build home internet businesses for real success and freedom...

If you have ever asked yourself? What is the best online business platform?

...SBI! Is The Best Online Business Platform...

I have a natural passion to communicate, share, teach, and explain an issue or point or subject as easy as possible for you to understand, with my internet business.

Also with out any unnecessary information that you do not need now, that you will learn at the appropriate time as necessary. I also do not want to waste your time.

I will also provide you with the most valuable information and resources, for you to know enough of what you need, so you can continue to learn much more if you are really interested and then provide you with the best, relevant, legitimate, up to date information, about where to go to get the detailed information you need to make a final decision.

---> IMPORTANT - DO NOT BE IN A RUSH <--- !!! :)

This site, my internet business, provides you with a legitimate list of home based businesses that can be done on the internet...

This site also provides you with the best possible recommended resources in this industry, to get the information and tools you need to get the job done right...

No matter what options you choose, This will take work, time and money. My internet business is a life long journey for me...

You will have to be serious and have a strong desire to learn what ever you need to learn and be persistent. You have to have a mature attitude and approach this internet business stuff with a realistic, common sense mind set.

Be Careful.

---> I absolutely suggest that you use Solo Build It as your platform to build whatever home internet businesses you choose to pursue!

Do as much research as you need to do to make a confident decision about how to start. Get professional advice as needed and answers to your questions.

look for the "Contact Us" and "Support" and "Q&A" on any site you go to and make use of those services. Send your questions by email and/or make a phone call and get answers to your questions...

lets help each other. Please share my site on all your social networking sites?

I sincerely hope that this website helps you...

Glenn Michael Gabriel

REMEMBER: The Internet Is Serious Business

A Profitable Home Internet Business will set you FREE!

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